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CityScope Presently

CityScope Net has been one of the top Internet Service Providers in the Houston, TX area since 1995, though the company was started in 1983.

Our focus is on responsive "mobile friendly" custom web design, web hosting, Internet marketing, advertising, social media maintenance and consulting. We provide Barracuda email security with every hosting account and manage our clients web presence from managing clients domains to creating websites to marketing and maintaining the website after it goes live. We provide a dedicated IP address* for our hosting clients too.

CityScope Net is an Emsisoft Partner selling Emsisoft Anti-Malware software to help our clients be safe and secure online.

We sell computer products such as:

  • Custom Built Business Computers
  • Custom Gamer or Cad Computers
  • Renewed, Refurbished and Used Computers
  • Computer Accessories and Peripherals

We provide computer repair and networking services for the Pasadena, Texas local market and surrounding cities such as: Southeast Houston, Deer Park, La Porte, Houston, Pearland, Clear Lake and the Bay Area. Please see our Networking Area Map.

Ingrid Kast Fuller, CityScope Net - Owner

Ingrid Kast Fuller, Owner

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CityScope History

In the 1980's, owner Ingrid Kast Fuller, was the Political SIG SysOp for CompuServe which was bought by AOL.

In 1983, she started CityScope Bulletin Board System (CityScope BBS) on a Radio Shack Tandy Model 4 and started in a converted garage. The BBS ran for approximately 10-11 years. She also decided to use CityScope name for the new business.

Owner, Ingrid Kast Fuller, officially started the company December 31st, 1984 under the name CityScope Computer Services. We changed the name to CityScope Net in 1995.

List of BBS's from the past


CityScope had three stores on Southmore Avenue in Pasadena, Texas from 1990 to 1999.

In 1990, we opened the store for a short period of time across from Sears on Southmore Avenue (no photo shown below). Then, went back to work for the family business after the death of her father at Kast Fabrics Inc.

From 1992 to 1995, we re-opened CityScope at 123 W Southmore Ave. and sold new and used computers, consignments, computer software, books and supplies, fascimile machines and fax paper.

In 1995, the company was growing and we needed more retail space, so we moved in the same strip center to a larger store. On June 30th, 1995, we started CityScope Net, an Internet Service Provider, providing 56K/ISDN dialup services, web design and hosting. We added more hardware inventory and computer software. We started Microsoft Windows and DOS classes at this location too. When the property was sold in 1999 to Walgreens; we had to move. So we moved to the south side of Pasadena to 3910 Fairmont Parkway.

At the Fairmont Parkway store, we sold cell phones from Voicestream (now T-Mobile) along with computer systems, supplies, repair services and Internet access. At this location, we started selling DSL services for a couple of years.

In 2001, we decided to focus more on Internet services and moved out of this location.

Currently, we continue custom web design, hosting, Internet marketing, SEO, and social media services. We help clients locally with computer repair, security software and networking.

Our computer drop-off center is at our CityScope Net Affiliate Store (Mail Boxes Plus) at 4808 Fairmont Parkway.

Our company-owned Internet servers are located at our downtown Houston co-location center at 1301 Fannin, Houston, TX.


CityScope Net is Yext Certified

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CityScope Storefronts

CityScope Computers - 1992 through 1995
CityScope Computers
Southmore Store 1992-1995.

CityScope Computers Store from 1995 through 1999
CityScope Computers on Southmore from 1995 to 1999.

CityScope Computers & Internet - 1999 through 2001
CityScope Computers & Internet
3910 Fairmont Parkway from 1999 thru 2001.