Are you overwhelmed at having to manage passwords over the Internet?

We suggest a program called “KeePass” for managing passwords. You only need to remember one password. You can add, edit and delete groups (ex. banking, news, social media). You then create entries in a group, entering a Title, User name, Password, Web Address (URL) and any notes. You can enter your own password or use the password generator to create one with various options. There are many advanced features. However, the normal user will not need these. Once you create your entry. (Fig.1)

Keepass Screenshot

Figure 1 - KeePass Screenshot

You go to the Group, pick the website you want to go to, click on the URL address and then right-click your mouse, COPY the user name in the User name field on the website and PASTE it in the box. Then in Keepass, right-click the mouse over the password and then COPY it, go to the website again and PASTE it in the Password box and click OK or hit Enter.

The fastest way is to use the Perform Auto-Type function or use the CTRL-V keys. Place your mouse cursor in the Username field on the website and then click the Perform Auto-Type or Ctrl-V. (Fig.2)

NOTE: Some websites such as Google, you can not use the Perform Auto-Type function.

Perform Auto-Type in Keepass

Figure 2 - Perform Auto-Type in Keepass



Use the Password Generator

When you Add an Entry, look for the yellow KEY icon and click on Open Password Generator. Use at least 14 characters or higher for most websites. (Fig. 3) Some Mobile services such as T-Mobile, are asking for passwords at least 25 characters now. For FTP publishing, we suggest using very long passwords, 25 or more characters.

Open Password Generator

Figure 3 - Open Password Generator

You will see many options to generate a password. We suggest using Upper-case, Lower-case, Numbers, Special characters and the longer the better. However, you will have to abide by the rules of the website you are trying to log into. Some websites do not allow more than a certain amount of characters and some web sites have limited use of Special characters.

Password Generation Options

Figure 4 - Password Generation Options

You can download the Keepass software at

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