E-Mail Services

Web Mail

CityScope Net provides e-mail services to our hosting and mailbox only accounts. While most clients will pull their email from the server directly from their pc or cell phone, it is sometimes useful to access your mail through our web mail interface, such as when traveling.

We suggest clients use an email software client such as: Microsoft Outlook 2007 or higher or Mozilla Thunderbird that uses POP3 on a regular basis so you download the email to your computer. For cell phones, tablets and travelling laptops, we suggest setting up IMAP instead of POP3.


** We make daily backups of our systems, but we are not responsible for any email left on our servers or lost in transit or from any system failure that may happen whether on our servers or from our network providers. You also understand that email is not a secure form of communication.

Please do not send or store passwords, credit card information or any sensitive identity information in your email.


Barracuda Email Protection - Gateway Defense

Barracuda Networks Email Security

Barracuda Email Protection - Gateway Defense quarantines spam and viruses before they reach your computer, laptop or smart phone. With our ATP - Advance Threat Protection, it scans your email with attachments for any possible threat and blocks the email should it find a virus or known threat. The system will send daily quarantine notifications of spam held in the quarantine area and you can deliver, allow (whitelist) or block any email that was held automatically. It will automatically log you in to complete the action making it easy to manage your email. While it is rare, some spam & viruses may go through the system. So it is important to have an anti-malware software on your computer and devices for your protection. (You still need protection for browsing the Internet, when downloading files, and firewall blocking.)

In Barracuda EP-GD you have the ability to see ALL your inbound email; quarantined, blocked or delivered.

You can Show Details of why emails were held, see the Show Details link below:Message View

You can setup exempt and blocked users and change when you receive quarantine notifications anytime of the day and week or not at all. You can find Barracuda documentation on our Web Mail Support Page.

E-mail Newsletters

CityScope Net provides a service of creating and maintaining your E-mail Newsletters and email contacts. We use either Constant Contact or MailChimp for our clients. The client pays the email provider (Constant Contact or MailChimp if it applies, they do have free accounts.). We charge only for our services of creation and maintenance.

We have two options:

  1. an hourly rate
  2. a fixed amount per newsletter

Individual Email Accounts for Personal or Businesses

CityScope Net sells Individual Email Only accounts for $90.00 per year*, which includes Barracuda Email Protection - Gateway Defense with ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). You can use one of CityScope Net's owned domains below or we can setup your domain on our servers. All of our Web Hosting accounts have email which include Barracuda GD-ATP email protection.

CityScope Current Available Domains for Email accounts are:

  • cityscope.net
  • pasadenatexas.com

[* Pricing as of 2/15/23 - Some restrictions apply, such as we may not allow certain usernames related to system administration, adult or sensitive usernames or content. Sales tax in Texas at 8.25%).