Houston Based, CityScope Net, provides Responsive Web Design and Custom Web Development, Hosting, Social Media and Internet Marketing for Small Businesses.

CityScope Net Celebrates 20 years of Internet Services.

CityScope Net celebrates 20 years as an Internet services company. Thank to all our loyal customers fro many years of support

Social Media Marketing

Is your company testing the water when it comes to social media? Do you know what social media platform works best for your industry? Do you need someone to coach you or be your social media consultant? CityScope can help you either way. We can work along side you or take control of your social media program for you. Call us today on how we can help get you started or help you continue your social media efforts.


Social Media Networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, etc...

Is Your Web Site Mobile Friendly?

Responsive Web Designed Sites

CityScope Net builds mobile ready - responsive web sites using tools to make sure your web site is fast, clean, web standard (W3C) and user friendly.

Technology moves quickly, people are searching with their desktops, cell phones and tablets, moving from one device to another several times a day. Your web site should keep up-to-date and responsive to all devices so it is easily read by anyone. We keep you up-to-date with the latest web standards to keep your edge in the marketplace and friendly with search engines.

Your message to the world is important, don't hinder it by having an old web site with old html coding.

We take time to personalize each customers web experience and give your company attention to details.

Hellyer Transmission's Web SiteWe want you to do well with your new web site, RESULTS matter and we know it!

CityScope Net Provides Internet services such as:

Recent CityScope Net Testimonials...

Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Ranking and Advertising Testimonial Prior to using CityScope, we had been trying, with no success, to get our rankings up on the search engines.
(For 5 years)...See Testimonial by Hellyer Transmission

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Excellent Customer Support

We strive to give you the best Internet support experience. We want lasting relationships! That's why most of our clients are long-time customers spanning from several years to over 30 years. We have a QUICK RESPONSE to your needs during business hours by phone or email.

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